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Stopping your car is vital to your safety and the safety of others on the road. Stop in for comprehensive brake service from a skilled team.

Your brakes are an essential safety component of your vehicle. You need to have confidence that you can stop your car quickly, and that requires well-maintained brakes. Our mechanics are pleased to offer comprehensive brake services that will keep your car in good repair. Whether you’re noticing a pesky squeak or are having trouble consistently stopping, you can count on us to help.

Is It Time for Brake Service?

You should have your brakes inspected every three months or 3,000 miles to ensure they’re in good working order. Some signs that it may be time for brake service or replacement include:

·       Screeching or grinding sounds from the brakes

·       Squeaky brakes

·       Brake pedal is too hard or too easy to push

·       Increased time to stop the vehicle

These signs may not mean you need to fully replace your brakes. They may simply mean it’s time for some maintenance. However, the only way to know for sure, and to ensure you’re protected, is to have them inspected by a qualified mechanic. 

What Does Brake Service Entail?

When you bring your vehicle to us for brake service, we will perform a comprehensive assessment that includes everything from brake pads to rotors. We will look at the brake lines as well, and check the brake fluid. If any of these indicate signs of problems, we will suggest the maintenance or repair service that will help.

Having brake inspection on time and replacing parts when needed will help you get the longest possible lifespan from your brakes. It will also help you avoid expensive repairs while protecting your safety. For all of these goals, our team is ready to help. We also offer brake replacement when the time comes for new brakes. In all of these services our goal is to help your car function properly and safely, so you can take to the road with confidence.

Bring your vehicle to us for a brake inspection, and let our trustworthy, experienced mechanics help you take the right measures to protect your safety on the road. Brake problems are not something to ignore, so visit one of our convenient locations today.