Services Drive Line Fluid Change

Driveline fluid is something that’s easy to forget about, but crucial to your vehicle’s functioning. We have the service to keep this important fluid flowing as it should.

Your vehicle's driveline transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. This process is necessary to make the car move, and it involves a complex system called the differential. Both the front and rear differentials are made of many moving parts, and the driveline fluid keeps those parts working as they should. Without these systems, the power from your engine would not be able to change into moving energy. The driveline can sometimes be called the drivetrain.

What is Driveline Service?

Driveline service involves inspecting the driveline and correcting any issues with it. It also involves removing and replacing the driveline fluid.

Signs You Need Driveline Service

Most drivers need to have their driveline inspected and have the front and rear differential fluid changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Your vehicle's manufacturer will tell you the recommended timeline for this important service.

In addition, you may need service outside of this timeline if you are noticing:

·       Vibrating or shaking, especially if it happens at high speeds

·       Strange noises when at a high speed

·       Resistance on tight turns

All of these are signs of potential problems with the driveline, and you should have it inspected as quickly as possible to avoid potential complications. We can perform a routine driveline fluid change, or we can inspect the system for other issues.

Trust Our Team for Your Driveline Fluid Service

When your vehicle is ready to have new driveline fluid, bring it to our shop. Our attentive mechanics will take the time to carefully inspect the system and replace the fluid. This will give your driveline a longer lifespan and help you avoid unnecessary, costly repairs. Stop in today to schedule your service.